Quality of Light

Pure Plasma Lighting’s light delivers the highest quality of light in both a CRI of 98 with the highest Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density for a 1000 and 2000 watt system and efficacy at 2.4 umol/J.

“Our overall assessment is the lamp we have created is as close to natural sunlight as possible,” according to Dr. Steve Britz of the Baltimore Agricultural Research Center (BARC), United States Department of Agriculture.

Conventional HID Lamps & Electrodeless Plasma Light

-No Electrodes → Long life

-Continuous broadband spectrum → High CRI

-No Hg (compliant with RoHS) → Eco-Friendly

– Uses electrodes

-Has a discontinuous spectrum

– Contains Hg and other RoHS material

The Genesis of lights pioneering technology removes ripples (flickers) and reduces noise by converting MW bandwidth. This is especially advantageous to the entertainment industry.

Cost of Ownership

Pure plasma Lighting luminaire has an impressive 50,000+ hours lifetime with degradation of less than 10% to offer the lowest cost of ownership across many different industries and applications. Life time warranty on bulb.

This is especially true in the horticulture industry, as the chart below indicates, the scale of degradation of different forms of light.


The high power plasma light does not have a rotating bulb like other conventional plasma lightis. There are no moving components, except for cooling fans, which increases reliability significantly.

Electrodeless Plasma Light Technology