Pure Plasma lighting’s Genesis M is a full spectrum plasma light. It is the first and only 1000 watt plasma (electrodeless) with non-rotating bulb. The Genesis M is designed and engineered to the highest color quality artificial daylight light with a continuous spectrum of white light at a Color Rendering Index of 98 and a Correlated Color Temperature of 5,000-6,500. It is almost the pure equivalent of sunlight on the Color Rendering Index.


Horticulture, Entertainment, High Mast, Area Lighting


Contructed out of forged aluminum steel pressed in a mold with a standard IP33 and an upgraded IP65.


Available in 230 volt or 120 volt


Pure Plasma Lighting offers an unprecedented lifetime warranty on the quartz bulb and 1 year warranty on the electrical component.


CRI: 81-98 Ra (depending on bulb)

CCT: 5,000-6,500K (depending on bulb)

Beam Angles: 10, 13, 20, 60 (embossed) deg, [depending on reflector]

IP: Standard IP33, Upgraded IP65

Fixture: Embedded Ballast and Head in One Unit

Weight: 17kg / 37 lbs