Regardless of whether you’re bringing brightness to a warehouse, a factory, a school gymnasium, or any large, cavernous space, high bay lights are sure to be your go-to method of choice. Ideal for large settings that need bright illumination and long-lasting quality are perfect for the consumer who wants a low-maintenance lamp that offers unpatrolled performance. We include several options for high bay light fixtures in our selection in our Genesis line of 1000 watt plasma lights for your unique needs.  Each of these options provides a CRI of 98 a CCT of 5700. They are truly professional-grade illumination that is clear and long-lasting. In fact we guarantee the bulb for life.


Benefits of Plasma

  • No to minuet degradation of the bulb. (no more replacing bulbs)
  • More efficient then Legacy luminous (up to 1.5 per watt equivalent)
  • Superior quality of light
  • Flicker free