Originating from Nikola Tesla’s experiments in the late 1800’s, plasma lights have evolved into the highest quality full spectrum artificial sunlight that can be produced by man. The most advanced of these lights being sulfur lamps took a major leap forward with the support of the United States Department of Energy in the early 1990’s.Reliability became an issue at first as the bulb in the heart of the system required it to be rotated at very high RPM’s. The bulbs in the plasma lights of Pure Plasma Lighting do not rotate. Conventional high power plasma lights have to turn the bulb at a high RPM to avoid a puncture because the bulbs are non-uniformly heated if not rotated. Pure Plasma Lighting uses a technology developed under the partnership with Maltani Corporation and utilizes circularly polarized microwaves, enabling to place the bulb in a stationary state. This major breakthrough allowed for our current models to have cooling fans to be the only moving components. Further advancements have been made to the material in the bulb to give better spectrum as needed.